Monday, December 17, 2012

Contact Tri Series - Rotorua

What a great way to start the weekend, waking up and getting to go for a swim in the pristine blue lake in Rotorua!  Perfect conditions meant for a cracker day of racing from the sprint to half ironman distances.

I had enjoyed a couple of really good weeks before this event but was a little nervous heading to the start wondering how much fatigue I was carrying from last weeks race, having doubled up races a few times in the couple of years I had a feeling that my legs might be a little tired but wouldn’t know till on the bike.

With the perfect conditions it was going to be a fast swim, I wasn’t to sure who to watch out for in the race, there were a wave of younger athletes that I haven’t heard of and sometimes cant be ignored, I was once a athlete that came from out of nowhere, so I pushed hard early to try and distance myself from the field and managed to gain a sizeable lead of around 90secs heading out on the bike.

One of the things I love about the Contact tri circuit is the honest courses.  One thing that makes an athlete strong and hardened is racing on unforgiving courses, this one was definitely that, so hats off to all the competitors racing.  On the bike you were either going up or down, maybe the hill straight out of transition helped me find my legs and any sign of fatigue from last weekend was out the window. I was able to build on my lead and gain another 5mins over the tough 40km ride.

The run course suited me well as having my training base in Kinloch I’m getting pretty comfortable with hills and off road running.  Without loosing any time in each of the legs I am happy with my race and am looking forward to nailing some training the next couple of weeks heading into Tauranga on the 5th January.

Until Jan, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Elite Results
1 Graham O’Grady 2:08:08
2 Sam Osborne
3 Andrew Lloyd 

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