Monday, May 9, 2016

Noumea International

Well it’s good to be back racing and finishing…

The year hadn’t started well and it took me a while to recover after Wanaka, the enthusiasm to train was there but the body wasn’t into it.  It was a nice change to focus on a shorter event the Olympic/Half Ironman distances are definitely more manageable for my current lifestyle though what never changes is the need for having consistent training.

I have raced in Noumea a couple of times and really enjoy the trip so it was great to be back again, still as hot as ever there which adds another element to racing.  The swim was good getting in the front group, so a good start to the day.  Onto the three lap bike I never felt really flash, the lack of racing made it harder to get going early yet still managed to pull a few solid turns though but the 5m draft box doesn’t really help split the bike up.

On the run I knew it was going to be hard, the heat is a killer for me and from experience starting off easy works best if I want to make it through to the end.  For me was good to get one on the board with a 4th, still a lot of work to do over winter but the race has renewed my enjoyment of pushing myself at that intensity again.

With not really that much racing near home the next few months (I try to avoid the hot/humid Asia climates) it’s going to give me a good chance to get the consistency back into my weeks and build a foundation to race come September/October which really isn’t that far way.



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